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Filson Historical Society 2003 | Louisville, Kentucky

Filson Historical Society archives the natural and cultural history of Ohio River Valley region.

Scholars, writers, teachers, and civic leaders, use this resource in many ways and large numbers. The objective of this concept design is to expand the one building into a campus that can better serve an ever expanded user group.

The new campus will incorporate the Filson Mansion with a new park and building to the east. A repurposed three story office building to the south and temporary residences to the west. Within these buildings will be archives, library, study rooms, offices, meeting rooms, lecture hall, conservators, workshop, class rooms and cafe.

Memory defines who we are and shapes the way we act. As Louisville grows and changes, FHS mission becomes more essential.

First, The complex of sites and buildings in the FHS precinct should be unified into a cohesive whole that establishes the perception of one institution.

Second, The diversity of activities, should be connected by new public areas, defined as 'pathways and places' along with improved alleyways and upgraded paved lots to serve as outdoor rooms. These spaces will connect all of the facilities and provide public spaces of varying size and character, for a wide range of uses, public gatherings or moments of solitude.

Third, Restore and renew existing historical building and alley.

Fourth, Produce a long-term strategic development plan and detailed program report.

Michael RotondiĀ 

RoTo Architects

Filson Historical Society