100,000 Stupas 100,000 Stupas 100,000 Stupas 100,000 Stupas

100,000 Stupas 2002-Present | Santa Cruz, California

The 100,000 Stupas site, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Central California at the Land of Medicine Buddha, is a five-acre hilltop meadow within a 400-acre property. A stupa is the architectural manifestation of the Buddha’s awakened mind and represents the Buddhist path to enlightenment. It embodies significant religious symbolism, empowered through a consecration ceremony.

In our design, the central stupa will be a square approximately 108 feet on each side and fifty-four feet high, surrounded by 99,999 stupas of various sizes placed on a terraced pyramid inspired by the Borobudur temple complex in Indonesia. The 6,500 square foot interior of the pyramid will house a twenty-four foot tall Maitreya Buddha statue. The structure will be concrete and glass with a wood and steel dome. The stupa itself will be concrete and plaster.

project team
Michael Rotondi
Tenzin Thokme
Tom Perkins

Kirby Smith
Natalie Margarian
Raul Aguilera